Farewell to failures of GNR, water, adblue, oil …

Discover the Cuvéo solution: Agrilab io connected sensor offered by our partner Allium Énergies!

Accurate & robust sensor

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Connected solution compatible with all tanks & all liquids.

Forget about GNR failures during the harvest!


No longer worry about the level of your GNR, AdBlue or Nitrogen tanks.

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Food Suppliers

Help your operators to optimize their stocks and adapt your services.

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View your silos on your mobile, easily calculate the consumption index.


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    Agrilab io is a young company founded by five engineers who wanted to provide concrete solutions to visualize the level of tanks in the agricultural world. After three years of R&D, Agrilab io published and marketed its first sensor for the level of liquids in 2018.

    Other sensors connected to the Sigfox & Lora networks have joined the brand’s catalog. Agrilab io, which has many clients in France and Europe, is based in Burgundy & Brittany.

    The data transmitted via the Agrilab io application is the property of the end users in accordance with the legislation in force & the RGPD. Agrliab io does not sell the data.

    Agrilab io is a brand of the company 4! registered in France and respecting French national legislation.